Dean's Message

School of Multimedia Technology and Communication (SMMTC)

Welcome to the School of Multimedia Technology and Communication(SMMTC)

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the School of Multimedia Technology and Communication (SMMTC), Universiti Utara Malaysia.

SMMTC was formed to merge three areas, namely Multimedia, Technology Media and Communication. These areas highly relate to each other; where communication deals with how humans interact to convey meaningful messages. These messages are the “contents” which can be enhanced with different media forms to be disseminated through traditional or new medium. 

Its two departments: Multimedia Technology and Communication, are consistently working on providing the highest possible quality of education to prepare the next generation of leaders in the three areas. We are committed to meeting the challenges of the future and have nearly 80 faculty members, including professors, senior lecturers and visiting academics with a depth and range of experience, whose research interests represent urgent challenges for our nation and communities.

To get a sense of the School’s intellectual life, our fields of expertise include multimedia design, interaction design, media studies, web and mobile technology, organizational, corporate and international communications, journalism, broadcasting, advertising, edutainment, and filming.

We currently offer three undergraduate and six postgraduate programmes:

1.       Bachelor of Science ((Hons.)(Multimedia) (BSc. (Hons.) (MM))

2.       Bachelor of Media Technology ((BMT (Hons.))

3.       Bachelor of Communication ((BCom (Hons.))

4.       MSc Managerial Communication

5.       MSc Multimedia Studies

6.       MSc Media Management

7.       MSc Multimedia Journalism

8.       MA Communication

9.       PhD – in the fields of Multimedia, Media Technology or Communication

Now is the time to pursue studies in the fields of multimedia, media technology and communication. The solutions to many of our critical social and economic problems are rooted in information dissemination, that relates to the three focus areas of SMMTC. I invite you to join us here at SMMTC as we move forward into the future of these exciting and enticing fields.