Organisation Objectives

  • To guide potential graduates to be authoritative in their fields of expertise centred on the fundamental values of a civil society.
  • To produce high quality graduates who are capable of solving problems in the fields of applied science, physical science, humanities, social science and education in the context of management.
  • To produce knowledgeable graduates who are capable of making decisions based on scientific principles, and who strive to promote professional excellence in their fields of study.
  • To train graduates in various technical skills so as to prepare them for professional careers.
  • To produce graduates who are knowledgeable, capable of analytical thinking and who possess leadership traits, a positive attitude, self-confidence, and ethical values together with the ability to play strategic roles in an era of rapid development within the context of a fast changing world.
  • To generate research, publication and high quality work with are recognised by experts in the field and at the same time applicable to contemporary firms or organizations.
  • To provide advisory, training and consultancy services to society as well as solutions in the relevant fields particularly to local organizations.
  • To produce graduates with sufficient integrated knowledge encompassing the fields of applied science, and physical science, humanities, social sciences and education.
  • To establish professional relationships and collaborations with the private and public sectors so as to develop expertise in the relevant fields of knowledge.
  • To produce graduates who will become experts in the career of their choice.


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