Perception and expectation of journalism students in Malaysia universities

Aripin, Norizah; Ismail, Adibah; Yusof, Norhafezah; Ismail, Rizalawati
The research aims to identify perception and expectation of journalism students in Malaysia. Quantitative method was utilized and 234 questionnaires were distributed to journalism students in Malaysia universities. Data were analyzed using descriptive analysis through SPSS. The data were analyzed based on frequency and percentage for demographic respondents. The data also were analyzed based on mean and standard deviation for each variables. In terms of perception, findings shows that the respondents concerned about characteristics of a good journalist, news gathering skills, news production skills, and technical or multimedia production skills.In addition, the majority of the respondents perceive that writing skills which are offered during the study are adequate.In terms of expectations, finding show that majority of the respondents perceive that university is able to offer useful professional development activities for the journalism education.However majority of the respondents perceive that university facilities are moderate adequate for the journalism learning.Therefore, basic facilities for journalism education need to be met for the requirements in journalism education.
Research areas:
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In Proceedings
journalism; perception; expectation
Book title:
2nd International Conference on Media and Society
ISBN: 978-967-5418-8
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