Doctor of Philosophy

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2019


    The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD.) programme is offered by full research. However, students without sufficient research skills and knowledge are required to enroll and pass the following courses during the first two (2) semesters of their enrolment (i.e. before being allowed to defend their thesis proposal):

    1.  SZRZ6014 Research Methodology
    2.  SCLE6014 Academic Writing
    3.  Any other course as determined by the supervisor or Academic Committee.

    To complete the Ph.D. programme, students are required to:

    1.  Present and defend the proposed research/thesis to a committee;
    2.  Present progress reports of research work at colloquiums arranged by the Graduate School or College;
    3.  Produce at least two (2) articles, in which (Option A or Option B):

       Option A:

      1. At least one (1) article is accepted for publication in ISI Journal or Scopus; and
      2. At least one (1) article is under review for publication in a refereed journal.

       Option B:

       Two (2) articles are published in a refereed journal

    1. Attend a viva voce session to defend the thesis; and
    2. Submit a written thesis.



    Dr. Sabrina Mohd Rashid
    Tel: +604-928 5815

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    PROGRAMME STRUCTURE- (A) Full Research

    This programme is offered by full research. Students are required to: 

    Research FieldsSpecializations Offered (but not limited to)
    Communication Managerial Communication
    Organizational Communication
    Corporate Communication
    Public Relations
    Organizational Studies
    Communication for Social Change
    International Communication
    Intercultural Communication
    Human Communication
    Health Communication
    Political Communication
    Multimedia Studies Creative Digital Content
    Multimedia Design
    Edutainment & E-Learning
    Courseware Development
    Multimedia Production
    Creative Programming
    Mobile Content Development
    Digital Storytelling
    Human-Computer Interaction
    Game Design & Development
    Animation Design & Development
    Digital Content Entrepreneurship
    Ethics in Content Development
    Virtual & Augmented Reality
    Multimedia in Teaching and Learning
    Multimedia for Special Needs
    Media Management Journalism
    Film & Screen Studies
    New Media
    Media & Politics
    Media & Islam
    Media & Psychology
    Media & Gender

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